Best Electric Head Shaver List

Which Shaver tops our Best Electric Head Shaver List?

#1 SkullShaver Bald Eagle Smart

Bald Eagle Smart : is different from its electric shaver competitors such as Remington, Panasonic, Braun, Conair and Philips Norelco for several reasons

It is brought to you by SkullShaver, who’s founder – John Lyes, is himself a bald man who understands the challenges of maintaining the all over bald look. To manage the problem he created the Bald Eagle head shaver, which is the only purpose built skull and head shaver on the market.

This purpose made Head Shaver allows you to maintain your desired look in a quick, efficient and painless way.

With its unique grip and patented design, the Bald Eagle makes it easy to reach the back of the head, (and other hard to reach areas), overcoming many of the problems you will have using other shavers.

Skull Shaver #1 best electic head shaver List

As well as greater control, the face and head shaver’s own head is flexible and is fitted with five rotary cutters for a quick, close shave of the body and head.

Users can choose between dry shave and wet shave modes, but whichever one you choose, the Bald Eagle delivers a smooth shaving experience without any cuts, nicks or burns.

The Bald Eagle skull shaver arrives with a Li-ion battery, which delivers 90 minutes of cordless use when completely charged. It is appointed with an LCD display that indicates the battery level, is UL certified and is powered by a robust 10500 RPM motor.

We think it is the best electric head shaver out there at the moment and clearly deserves to be our number 1.

Skullshaver have also produced a range of very inexpensive, optional extras. Follow this link to Read our full review. or click on the show price button to check price and availability.


  • Specifically designed for bald head and face shaving
  • Unique Handle/Grip and shaving position
  • Wet/Dry (non Shower) use.
  • Li-Ion Battery for 90 minutes cordless operation.
  • UL Certified for Worldwide usage
  • Optional accessories (such as travel case) available


    • Probably not the closest face shave available
    • Cannot be used in the Shower


#2 Philips Norelco 1280X/47 SensoTouch 3D

Philips Norelco 1280X #2 Best Electric Head Shaver ListDubbed Shaver 8900 (part of the new 8000 series), the Philips Norelco 1280X/47 SensoTouch razor now arrives in all new, frustration free packaging.

The Shaver features a unique a Gyroflex 3D system, designed to follow the contours of your face and head.

It’s shaving head consists of three independent components. Each one is able to independently tilt inward to follow your natural curves, pivot around or flex outward.

The heads of the shaver feature UltraTrack technology, reaching up to 50% more skin surface with the help of its’ three shaving tracks which pick up every strand of hair.

Added to this, the Philips 8000 series feature Aquatec technology, which enables users to shave with foam and gel for convenience and extra skin protection. The self cleaning system –“ JetClean” completely lubricates, washes, dries and re -charges the shaver. Ready to go without fuss.

If you do not want to move to a specialized head shaver, we can’t think of a better Razor to have near the top of our Best Electric Head Shaver List


      • Offers the closest of shaves
      • Cordless with ergonomic design
      • Exceptionally smooth shave
      • Ultra Track Heads
      • Jet Clean (reliable Cleaning) System
      • Wet and dry shaving, even with shaving foam or gel


      • A bit expensive (although great deals are often available)
      • Hair clippings may fall out while shaving


Philips Norelco Package
Man Using Philips Norelco
Philips Norelco Shaving Unit
Norelco Shaving Head

#3 Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver.

The Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 wet/dry electric shaver bills itself as having the world’s fastest line motor, which is bound to give you a clean and close shave that many similar offerings just can’t come close to.

If you’re wondering if it’s expensive, surprisingly it’s much cheaper than Panasonic’s latest 5 blade shaver, and is also powered by a motor that races along at 14,000 cycles per minute, making it suitable for dealing with the stubble on the head.

The design of the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 is just another one of its notable aspects, solidly built, with the best traditional grip on the market and classy luminous surfaces.


Panasonic ES-LA63-S

Panasonic ES-LA63-S

But looks aside, the primary concern when buying an electric shaver is closeness, and the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 addresses this concern with ease. It comes with an ultra thin vibrating exterior foil that measures just 41 micrometers and the 30 degree angle hypoallergenic blades.

Because the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 is a four blade shaver system, it is extremely quick, efficient and will cut hair at its base in the most comfortable manner. With regard to battery life, the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 can run for 45 minutes on a single complete charge, which generally is equivalent to 10 shaving sessions. Other features of the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 include a pop up trimmer, 10-stage LCD display, and a travel lock switch. Read more


      • Pop up Trimmer
      • Little or no skin irritation
      • Quick charge
      • Attractive, slim design
      • Four Blade Shaving
      • Shaves Wet or Dry


      • May not be suitable for mustache, sideburns or beard trimming.
      • Replacement blades are relatively expensive

#4 Braun Series7 790cc Shaver

Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic ShaverThe one thing that most men desire is a perfect shave, and the Braun Series 7-790cc shaving system achieves just that.

Number 1 in our Top 10 Shaver list, this Shaver cannot be left out of any top shaver review.

This shaving system has an edge over its competitors with its extensive list of useful features, starting with Intelligent Pulsating Technology. All electric shavers are powered by an electric motor, and the Braun Series 7-790cc is too, but this one can intelligently and automatically adjust its power to the density of the hair.

This simply translates to a more comfortable and consistent shave in every area.

Next is the long hair trimmer, which slides and pops out in an upward position to perfectly trim beard, sideburns and moustache. The Braun Series 7-790cc shaving system is 100% waterproof, (for easy cleaning), features the patented ActiveLift mechanism, and Braun’s famous personalization modes.

This is one of Amazon’s best selling – top rated electric shaving units for men. You can read our full review here


      • Very close shave with little skin irritation
      • Easy to read LCD Screen
      • Unique Personalization modes
      • Rapid cleaning with one of the best auto cleaning-charging systems


      • Warranty support can be a little slow.
      • Dry Shaving only


Braun's Shaving Head
Braun Shaver Wet
Braun Series 7 Shaving-Unit


#5 Panasonic ES-LV-65 S (5-Blade)

The Panasonic ES-LV-65 S is one of the leading contenders in the electric shaver segment for several reasons, starting with its ability to deliver nothing less than a superior shave.

Pansonic ES-LV65

This 5 blade shaver is appointed with a re-designed slit blade that can efficiently deal with to those stubborn hairs especially in hard to reach areas of the face. Adding to this, the Panasonic ESLV65 features a pop up trimmer that is perfect for grooming sideburns and moustache.

The Panasonic ESLV65 shares the world’s fastest motor drive and boasts a speed of 14,000 CPM, and is fitted with a multi-flex pivoting head that allows the user to follow the contours of the head and face, and perfectly conforms to your jaw line and neck for enhanced coverage and comfort. The new Panasonic ES-LV-65 S shaver combines both portability and power, and ships with a convenient charge station and a handy travel case.Read more


      • Supports Wet/Dry Shaving
      • Powerful with Automatic Stubble sensor to help with Head Shaving
      • Affordable
      • Provides a very close shave
      • Ergonomic Design

  • Replacement foils are relatively expensive.
  • Noisy during cleaning processprice
Those are our top 5 for the best electric head shaver list. As always much comes down to your personal preferences, but with only one Purpose designed Skull Shaver on the market, the decision might be made a little easier in this category.
Best Electric Head Shaver List
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  2. Hello,
    How is a shaver wet/dry but can NOT be used in the shower? That kind of elminates it being a “wet” shaver, doesn’t it?!?! I only ask because of the Skull Shaver stating this exact scenario.
    Thank You

    • Hi Chris The term “wet” shaver indicates that you can use it with shaving creams, gels etc. Whilst most Electric Shavers are waterproof many are not intended to be used in a shower, this is especially true of Shavers which can be used while connected to an electric socket

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