Best Electric Head Shaver just got even better

Late last year we wrote about the New Electric Head shaver produced by Skull Shaver LLC, one of the newest shaver Companies around.

As we explained at the time, this concept was born of the creative process of Skullshaver founder John Lyles, who explains the trigger and process in this brief video:

Whilst the initial user reviews were generally very positive, to their credit, Skull Shaver was determined to take on-board the constructive criticism of users, and to quickly develop their unique product to meet the needs of customers.

In previous correspondence from Neel Kulshreshtha, (President, Skull Shaver LLC), Neel explained that “Producing the Skull Shaver was our first attempt to come up with a solid head shaver that solves the problems of the very inconvenient and messy process of head shaving.” He explained that they were overwhelmed with the positive reviews, but also listened to the constructive negative comments about the original shaver. “Now we have come up with a series of solid upgrades in our Shavers, which really address the recommendations that we heard from the actual users”, he said.

So, we thought it was time we took a close look at the new and Improved Bald Eagle shaver.

What we found is that Skullshaver have already moved through at least two rounds of product upgrades.

The first improvement was the Bald Eagle shaver.

Best Electric Head Shaver

In an industry where product enhancements by manufacturers are usually years apart,the folks at Skullshaver Inc are a breath of fresh air.

As you will see they have not only continually improved on the best men’s electric head shaver in the marketplace, but have heard and responded to the call from the ladies as well.

From the men’s perspective, the big step forward came with the third model:

Enter Bald Eagle Smart

Best Electric Head ShaverBest Electric Head Shaver

In our opinion this is the best Electric head shaver on the market. If you are looking for that all over bald look, and want maximum convenience, it will also do a more than acceptable job on your face as well.

As you can see from this short video, even it’s predecessor offered unmatched ease of use all over the head, even the back of the head. Its unique, patented design fits snugly into your hand, providing access to areas that would otherwise often require the assistance of another person.

Clearly unwilling to accept anything but the best product possible, Skullshaver heard the feedback about problems with collecting hair when shaving the head, and the desire of customers for a wet shaving option.

Retaining the brilliant overall design concept, with the 5 rotating heads that mold to the shape of your skull, and the unique grip which gives you total control all over your head, the guys at Skullshaver again set about making some serious upgrades.

Enhanced Features making Bald Eagle the best electric head shaver.

Whilst the original was a Dry shaver only, the Bald Eagle Smart is now a Wet/Dry unit, although it is NOT for use in either bath or shower.

Where the original provided only 30 minutes use (after a 4 hour charge), this head and skull shaver provides a full 90 minutes use on a shorter (2.5 hour) full recharge.

Whilst they were at it, they beefed up the motor, so it is now the equal of almost any Electric Shaver out there, operating at over 10,000 rpm.

The shaver’s motor housing, (which sits behind your fingers during use), it is now slightly larger, and the motor runs much faster, but thanks to the fact that the shaver head is not encased with the motor, there is no issue with overheating.

Skullshaver have also come up with some brilliant accessories.

These are sold separately.

Firstly, like any shaver, the Bald Eagle works best, when used regularly to maintain well shaved areas.So what about getting your hair short enough for the shaver to operate without causing pain from pulling or tugging longer hair?

Until now, the solution was a trip to the barber, or to buy ,and trim your hair back to a workable length with a clipper or trimmer (cost $50-$70 ), but now you have the Skullshaver Clipper Attachment which takes care of all that for around $17

If you are like most busy guys, an in car charger will come in handy, if you need it, at around $21 gives you the flexibility you need.

If you take the time to watch the extended video below, you will see just how easy the Bald Eagle Smart is to clean, but you might also like the rinse stand to allow it to dry completely, protecting and extending the life of your blades. A small investment of $15

One thing you will certainly need from time to time are replacement blades,and these are great value at only $16 per set.

Along with everything else, Skullshaver will take care of that frustrating nose and ear hair,( that the women in your life hate). Our top quality ear / nose trimmers cost up to $64, but Skullshaver gets it done with an ear/nose trimmer attachment for only $10


If you travel for work or pleasure there are two more pieces that may be of value.

The Bald Eagle comes with a soft protective pouch, but for proper care in a packed luggage situation, we would recommend the hard travel case At a cost of $13 it is the cheapest travel insurance you will get anywhere.

The last option is the World wide travel plug adapter, again only if you need it, but at $14 its a lot cheaper than picking one up at the drug store or as a last minute buy in an airport extortion lounge.

One thing that has not changed is that the Bald Eagle cannot be used whilst on its’ cord, but if working to shave your entire head, having a cord in the way is not really a convenient thing to deal with anyway.

As I mentioned, the Bald Eagle shaver, also does a more than acceptable job shaving your face and neck, It is certainly not the optimum product for this purpose, but might just be enough for you to avoid using two separate electric razors, especially when traveling.

Now be warned, when you get the Bald Eagle delivered,you will be fighting off the women in your life. They will want to use it every day

Fortunately, John and Neel have that handled too.

We will cover it in a separate review, but the women’s Butterfly Shaver Pro, along with it’s clever attachments, will avoid a lot of arguments, and likely save you all a fortune at the beauty parlor.

In closing I would like to say that the folks at Skulllshaver Inc, have thought of everything, but as their brief history shows, they are probably already lining up next round of improvements. As I said, a breathe of fresh air.

Finally, if you have the time, the following video runs 5 minutes, but it comes straight from the guys themselves and it is certainly a worthy use of your time.

Fancy being so confident in your new head shaver that you could take it to a party, walk up to strangers, and change their lives, I guess you can do that when you just designed the world best electric head shaver.

We recommend the Bald Eagle shaver, click here to see price, availability and current user feedback.

Best Electric Head Shaver just got even better
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