A Great Bald Head Shaver option from Panasonic

Panasoinic Arc5 ES-LV-65S Bald Head Shaver
A bald head shaver is not hard to find but choosing a good one is not so easy.

That was until this Panasonic shaver hit the market. The Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV-65S is an exceptional shaver that can do some amazing things. When it comes to a close shave on your skull, this one beats most contenders.

An award winning 5-blade system using precision honed 30-degree blades makes this an outstanding Panasonic electric razor. Add to this the Hyper Performance linear motor – Panasonic’s fastest and most powerful. It can provide up to 14-thousand cuts per minute, so you will understand the true meaning of  “fast and efficient.”

Automatic Power Adjustment

Panasonic Arc5 has a sensor that can identify the density of hair growth. This makes it ideal as a bald head shaver. This sensor automatically adjusts the Panasonic shaver power to address denser spots.

Also, the Multi-FlexTM pivoting head gives you a smooth, gliding motion over and around all the interesting contours of your skull. This matters because your head is not perfectly smooth. The different contours are followed directly by the Multi-fit ARC foils that keep the entire shaving process comfortable.

As an added bonus, this Panasonic electric razor has a Pop-Up Trimmer. When you aren’t using it to keep your head shaved, you can trim sideburns or your mustache.

Wet/Dry Shaving Option

Another great added feature is that the Arc5 ES-LV-65S is waterproof wet/dry shaver. You can shave your head in or out of the shower, with or without soap/shaving cream etc.

Our bald head shaver option comes with an ergonomically designed grip.  This makes it easy to hold and handle when shaving your head. It also comes with a 10-stage LCD indicator light so you know battery life at a glance. You will always know whether or not the battery has enough charge for your next head shaving experience.

The LCD display includes a cleaning prompt to assist you in keeping both the blades and foil in top operating condition. To complete the package , this suggested bald head shaver comes with an AC adapter/charger and a travel pouch.

What Others Say About the Arc5

The Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV-65 is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon which should tell you that customers are very satisfied with this product.

When it comes down to actual online razor reviews, many pros and cons are mentioned. Remember, these come from actual users of this specific Panasonic electric razor and their personal experiences.

On the negative side the trimmer is not as efficient as it could be, the charger is just a plug-in style rather than a charging stand and the packaging does not include a cleaning brush. Price is also noted as an issue for some.

Positives include the versatility of a wet/dry shaver which is also lightweight and quiet. The charger is fast, taking about an hour to fully charge a dead battery and a quick shave charge is about 15-minutes. Having a timer to indicate operating time and battery life is noted as a huge plus.

Is This the Bald Head Shaver for You?

Panasonic Arc5 Shaver HeadIt is hard to logically argue why you wouldn’t want this impressive Panasonic product taking care of business on your head.
It has the closest shave of any Panasonic razor with the 30-degree 5-blade system. Charging is fast, it holds a charge and provides an excellent shave in or out of the shower, and with or without foam.

Designed for a fast Shave

The design of the unit is such that holding it in the position you will need to in order to shave your head – upside down – will not affect its performance nor will it tire your hand. The quiet operation and extremely fast cutting blades mean you won’t be spending a lot of time shaving your head anyway.

If the price doesn’t scare you away, you are in for an incredible treat with the quality of performance the Panasonic Arc5 gives you, that’s why its among our best electric head shaver options..

If you are tired of using a plastic twin blade razor on your head, or nicking and cutting yourself frequently, you can trust that those things will never happen again.

You will enjoy the close, fast and comfortable shave you’ll get using this as a bald head shaver.

A Great Bald Head Shaver option from Panasonic
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