Best Electric Shavers List

Here is a revised list of the Best Electric Shavers because there have been some significant changes in the Electric Shaver market.

Most of the Electric Razors on this list have been rated for their features and performance, but consideration is also given to price, to find the best quality shaver with the best value for Money. A few of the lower ranked items hold their spots because they offer outstanding value for money.They also deliver a good quality,all round product. The list now includes some recently released shavers that are still at the peak of their pricing cycle. Despite their features these are ranked a little lower due to price, but they are outstanding products and cannot be left out of a list like this.


#1 Braun Series 7 790cc

#1 Best Electric Shavers Braun Series 7 790cc

Ranked #1 in our Best Electric Shavers lineup is the Braun Series 7 790CC Dry Shaver.

The Series 7 range has dominated the foil shaver market since it’s release in 2010.

With thousands of independent user reviews, and 75% of those rating the Series 7 as five stars, it is hard to challenge the reputation of this shaver.

Not only is it possibly the most successful Electric Razor ever sold, with the release of the new Series 9, it now offers better value than ever.

We have included the Dry option here, but whether you prefer that, or a Wet/Dry  Series 7 799cc, you will simply not find a better, more proven foil shaver for the money.

The Series 7 brought us the clean and renew system, the 3 personalization modes, and Braun’s Intelligent Sonic Technology, all world firsts, all proven and retained in the new Series 9 release. If you want the dry shaver, and do not need the Cleaning system you can grab a Series 7 720 for a great price

If you want one of the world’s best shavers, without the peak price, this range is still very hard to go past.

A close shave, with little irritation, proven technology, and excellent value for money, a nice combination. Please read our comprehensive review of the Braun Series 7 Shavers and chose the model best suited to you, or click through for price and individual user reviews.


  • The first shaver with 3 Personalized Mode Settings
  • Close shaves with little to no skin irritation
  • It’s comfortable to hold, easy to maneuver and can reach tighter areas
  • Supports corded and cordless use
  • Solid build quality
  • Comes with one of the best auto cleaning-charging systems


  • Can be a little noisy to use for some people price

#2 Philips Norelco Series 8000 Sensotouch 3D (1250X/42)

#2 Best Electric Shavers Philips SensoTouch 3d 1250-42
This is another high quality Rotary Shaver from Philips, with over 60% of its owners rating it as a maximum 5 stars, and in any discussion about Rotary Shavers is always close to the top of the list.

The #2 on our Best Electric Shavers list, this shaver is known for its quiet operation, and it’s shaver head can effectively handle longer facial hairs.

The triangular setting of the heads, allow you to more easily reach tighter areas of the face, and the Philips 1250x SensoTouch 3d will give you your closest shave on the neck area and along the jaw line.

It also allows for a very quick shave, with many users averaging a little over 3 minutes shaving time, and is ideal for either wet or dry shaving.

Whether it’s a quick dry shave you want or a leisurely shave while taking a nice hot shower this may be your shaver.

If you have sensitive skin, but prefer a Rotary razor , using this for a wet shave, with a shaving Gel or Foam is probably as good an option as you will find, (unless you want to spend the extra $100 and get new Philips 9700 that is ). Using a thick lather of shaving gel and applying gentle pressure in a circular motion works really well when using the Philips Norelco 1250x.

The shaver also comes with a very reliable Jet Clean System that cleans, lubricates and charges the shaving unit.

Many believe this model from Philips Norelco has the slickest design of all the electric shavers out there. The sleek shaping and Chrome detailing really do produce a striking looking shaver. We have a full review of the 8000 series shavers available here if you would like to compare models.


  • Elegant design, stylish black/Chrome finish
  • Quiet operation, handles longer hairs easily
  • Reaches tight spots easily
  • Wet or Dry Shaving
  • Quality finish
  • 60 minutes Shaving on a 60 minute charge


  • Does NOT support corded shaving price

#3 Braun Series 9 9095CC Wet/Dry Shaver

#3 Best Electric Shavers Braun Series 9 9095cc

When arguably the world’s premier Electric Shaver company, comes out with a new flagship line, it usually pays to pay attention. Braun’s release of the Series 9 as an upgrade to its all conquering Series 7 range is a case in point.

The range includes 5 options, but we have settled on the Braun Series 9 9095CC for inclusion our in our Best Electric Shavers List.


This shaver combines all of the options available in the 9 series range, including the Clean and Renew system.

Perhaps the most significant upgrade comes in the form of a new Shaver Head. Building on the success of the Series 7 design it has a fourth component in the all new, Direct & Cut Trimmer. This deals with hairs that grow in unusual directions. It means more hairs are cut with each pass, and reduces the need to re-shave any given area.

This Shaver was released in Europe in late 2014, but only made available in the USA recently. Whilst our research was completed months ago, before sharing our opinions, we also wanted you to be able to see what other users had to say.

Between the comments we have received at, and early reviews showing almost 2/3rds of users rating this shaver as 5 stars, we are confident that the Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver is another major step forward in Foil shavers.

For now this ranking is held down by price, but we fully expect it to become the most popular Braun shaver ever.

Read our full review here, or click on the button below to check Price, availability and read independent reviews of users.


  • Braun’s improved, ultimately flexible shaving head.
  • 3 Personalization settings
  • Closer shaves, with no skin irritation
  • Clear Digital Readouts
  • Easy to maintain with the Clean and Renew system
  • Supports Wet/and Dry Shaving


  • Newly released so Expensive currently
  • Requires replacement cleaning fluid regularlyprice

#4 Panasonic Arc 4 ES LA93-k Nanotech

#4 Best Electric Shavers Panasonic ES-LA93-K Men's 4-Blade transparent

The Panasonic ES-LA93-K is the best electric shaver of Panasonic’s 4-Blade line of shavers.

It also comes with its own cleaning-charging system and can be used both for wet or dry shaving.

With a price some $80 cheaper than its 5 bladed stablemate, it shares many of the same features, minus one cutter.

This is a premium product with robust body, gleaming surfaces and a “Piano like finish, and it fits perfectly in the hand.

This is a AAA Class electric shaver that will provide you close shaves with no skin irritation, with many users reporting no redness or irritation even one their first use.

Sharing the same powerful linear motor as the Arc 5 and running at 14,000 rpm, (the world’s fastest). The shaver uses a 4 Blade Cutting System that provides excellent coverage, and great cutting power.

As with all shavers we recommend, this model is reliable, proven and has a large number of positive user reviews behind it. You can read our Review here.


  • Offers a closer shave and is easy on the skin
  • Has the world most powerful Electric Shaver Motor
  • Easy to use and maneuver the shaver
  • Supports Wet and Dry Shaving
  • Solid built quality
  • Comes with Vortex Cleaning System
  • Pop up Trimmer is more reliable than some other shavers


  • Auto Cleaning system is quite loud. price

#5 Philips Norelco 9700 (S9721/84)

#5 Best Electric Shavers Philips Norelco 9700 (S9721/84)Going head to head with Braun for the title of Number one brand in Electric Shavers is Philips, who produce the world’s leading Rotary shavers.

If price were no option, this newly released Philips Noreclo 9700 (model S9721/84) would be our choice as the best Rotary Electric Shaver on the market,

Like the newly released Braun Series 9, this premium Electric Razor also offers both wet and dry shaving, and comes with an automated cleaning and charging station.

It is beautifully designed and finished.

It’s 3 updated shaving heads feature Philip’s all new V-Track precision blades. These now have the freedom to move in 8 different directions, capturing 20% more hair than earlier models. Philips also claim that it shaves 30% closer, although I find this very difficult to quantify.

For the first time, Philips have added personalization options (like the Braun 7 & 9 Series). The push of a button allows you to adjust the intensity of the shaver’s operation to match your level of sensitivity.

Unlike the Braun, this Shaver’s design does not allow for an onboard, pop-up trimmer, but comes with a separate Smart Click precision trimmer for sideburns and moustache.

We invite you to read our full review


  • Captures and cuts longer hair better than ever before.
  • Independent heads move in 8 different directions
  • Newly introduced Personalization settings
  • Great to maneuver and can reach tight areas
  • Intuitive Display Icons
  • Supports Wet/Dry Shaving and its fully washable


  • High Price
  • No on-board Trimmer..Seperate Trimmer Includedprice

#6 Panasonic Arc 5 (ES-LV81-K)

#6 Best Electric Shavers Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV81 KPanasonic’s revolutionary 5-blade shavers, offer ultimate in one-pass shaving comfort, and is the newest of the Panasonic Shavers in our  Best Electric Shavers List.

There are 4 models in Panasonic’s 5-Blade shaver line up, and we chose the Panasonic ES-LV81-K for inclusion in our Top 10 List.

Again this is fully loaded Electric Shaver, with a dedicated cleaning system supporting both wet and dry shaving.

It is competitively priced compared to the top of the line shavers from both Braun and Philips, shavers, (and with others in the Arc 5 range).

The ES-LV81-K Arc 5 , as the name suggests, features Panasonics 5-blade shaving head providing better coverage per stroke, which results in shorter shaving times.

This shaver features the world’s fastest and most powerful linear motor. Running at 14,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). Amazingly it can maintain its peak power up to the very end of its battery charge.

Around the face, the Panasonic 5-Blade shaver offers possibly the closest shave of any electric shaver, but cannot beat the Philips rotary shaver on the neck and jaw line.

Panasonic shavers are also recommended for men with sensitive skin. Being a foil shaver, they are easier on the skin than a Rotary and there is very little to no skin irritation being experienced by its users.

This shaver has most of the features that you would want with an advanced electric shaver.

Perhaps the only drawback of this shaver is that it has some trouble reaching tighter areas.

To accommodate the 5 blades, Panasonic has had to produce a larger shaving head than it used in the Panasonic 4-blade line of shavers.

This is still not an inexpensive shaver, but if you want a powerful foil shaver, that you can rely on for years to come, this could be the one for you.Read our review


  • Larger head removes more hair in a single pass.
  • World’s fastest motor
  • Quieter than other foil shavers
  • Competitively Priced
  • Little to no skin irritation
  • Solid built quality
  • Comes with a dedicated cleaning-charging system


  • Large head makes it hard to get into tighter areas price

#7 Braun Series 5 5090CC

#7 Best Electric Shavers Braun Series 5

This shaver is often overlooked because of the strength of the Braun Series 7, or the bargain priced Braun 3 Series, but take a closer look at its features, especially with its current price point, and it is very difficult to leave out of our Top 10 Shaver list.

The Braun Series 5 5090CC is another beautifully built electric razor, with many of the features that made the series 7 a world beater. This one is for dry shaving only, and comes with the clean & renew system, but as is normal for Braun, there are 4 different models in the series 5 range, allowing for most combinations, including Wet/Dry Shaving.

The one missing option is a Wet/Dry Shaver with the clean and renew system, for that combination you would need to go up to the Series 7.

This shaver has a 20% stronger motor than the Series 3, along with the addition of the Flex Motion Shaver head. Flex motion Tec allows the head to pivot through 5 different positions to maintain closer contact with the skin for a smoother, faster shave. You can see this in action, along with a rundown of all the models in our Braun Series 5 Review

The stronger motor, pivoting head and Clean and renew system, make this the first of the value options on our Top 10 Electric Shaver list.Well placed and well priced when compared to the very popular Series 3 from Braun.


  • The first shaver with a pivoting shaver head for extra closeness.
  • Close shaves with little to no skin irritation
  • Easy to maneuver and can reach tighter areas
  • Supports corded and cordless use
  • Braun’s renown quality construction
  • Excellent value, mid priced Shaver
  • Comes with Braun’s Clean and Renew auto cleaning-charging systems


  • This model is Dry Shaving only price

#8 Braun CoolTec mens shaving system

#8 Best Electric Shavers Braun Cool TecThe first shaver specifically designed with a cooling effect to reduce skin irritation.

Using a carefully engineered Aluminum cooling strip, the Braun CoolTec reduces burning, skin irritation and redness with every stroke.

This model comes with a clean and renew station, but you can also buy the shaver only for about half the price if you prefer.

The CoolTec employs a 3 stage cutting system which delivers a close shave, and thanks to the specially designed blades, this is achieved without irritation.

This is a fully sealed, certified Wet/Dry shaver that you can use in the shower, and wash under running water.

For a totally hygienic clean, the clean and renew system uses an alcohol based solution to remove 99% of bacteria, which will be very helpful if you suffer from irritation and break-outs.

The precision trimmer is ideal for trimming your sideburns and moustache.

The shaver has a clear battery, hygiene and charging readout, and a Li-Ion battery free from the impacts of Memory effect.

This is a very effective shaving solution, but in the end it is all about reducing Irritation, and that is all about the unique Cooling bar which reduces skin moisture, lowering skin tension to reduce irritation while shaving, and then cools the skin offsetting any irritation that does take place.

Foil shavers are generally easier on the skin than a rotary shaver, but this takes the prevention of irritation to a new level.

Included in our Best Electric shavers list because sensitivity is a big issue for many users. If Sensitive skin is your main concern, this may be the solution you have been looking for. Read more


  • The only shaver with specialized cooling technology.
  • Reduces irritation and cools the skin with each stroke
  • Supports wet/dry shaving, including shower.
  • Precision on-board Trimmer
  • Quality Finish
  • Clean and Renew station included


  • only 45 minutes shaving on a one hour recharge price

#9 Panasonic Arc 3 ES-LT41-K

#9 Best Electric Shavers Panasonic ES-LT41-KThe ES-LT41-K is one of the best and most reliable shavers in the Panasonic’s 3-Blade line of shavers, and whilst this maybe an entry level razor under $100, its performance belies the low pricetag.

This shaver supports wet and dry shaving.

It’s motor runs at a powerful 13,000 rpm (so there is no pulling & tugging of hairs), and there’s little or no skin irritation experienced by its users.

The ES-LT41-K features a 3 blade cutting system, with 3 stainless steel, hypoallergenic blades and foils.

This shaver provides a close shave, but just not quite as quickly as the 4-blade or 5-blade shavers from Panasonic which offer broader coverage with each stroke.

The offset is that the smaller shaving head on this shaver can reach tighter areas of the face and is easier to maneuver.

The Panasonic ES-LT41-K is the #7 best selling electric shaver on Amazon, (if you ignore all the refills and accessories of course), and it has excellent consumer’s reviews. Read our review here


  • Affordable
  • Closer shaves, no skin irritation
  • Great to maneuver and can reach tight areas
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Supports Wet/Dry Shaving and its fully washable


  • Needs more strokes than its larger cousins to complete a close shaveprice

#10 Braun Series 3 340-S Wet/Dry Shaver

#10 Best Electric Shavers Braun Series 3 340-S

The 340S-4 is the best shaver value shaver in the Series 3 Collection from Braun.

Foil shavers are known for their close shaves and gentleness on the skin.

The Braun Series 3 340S-4 lived up to these expectations and most users say they were satisfied and experienced little or no skin irritation.

This shaver is priced well below $100 so it is one of the most affordable, quality foil shavers out there, especially for a wet/dry shaver.

It has also stood the test of time

Of course this shaver is also fully washable for easy cleaning, touches the skin lightly and reaches tighter areas easily.

Users were also impressed because it provides closer shaves with fewer strokes, as compared to other shavers in its price range. This shaver can also be used for men with tough beards or with heavy whiskers, but it is included in our  Best Electric Shavers list as a value priced, entry level Electric Razor.  Read our full Series 3 review here:


  • Affordable and is time proven
  • Closer shaves with fewer strokes
  • Easy on skin
  • Great to maneuver and is lightweight
  • Supports wet and dry shaving
  • Easy cleaning, simple to use.


  • Some users were not so happy with results below the chinprice
Best Electric Shavers List
3.7 (73.64%) 44 votes
  1. I tried out most of the electric razors presented in this top 10. I was particularly impressed by Philips Norelco 1280x. It constantly delivered a close and comfortable shave. Great product.

  2. I got the Panasonic ES-LT41-K after reading your review, and I must say your review was accurate! It’s a good razor for a great price. Just wanted to say thanks!

  3. I have the Braun Series7 790cc Shaver. it is expensive, and for the price I would expect a closer shave than with a blade… however, it is just not that good. It does cover all the areas of the face and neck very well, and the cleaner/charger is cool. but you must purchase the refill cleaning fluid at 60 dollars a pop. I just clean it out and mix in after shaving lotion and a small amount of alcohol.

    Bottom line… it is tough to beat a blade!

    • You can purchase the cleaning cartridge refills on Amazon, 4 counts for $20. And yes you’re right, using 70% Isopropyl alcohol as substitute should also do the trick. Cheers

  4. i have the #2 Philips , big waste of money after five mins i give up and use a razor , wet or dry it doesnt work for me 🙁

    • Disappointing Jordan, As we mention in a number of posts, your really need to give it about 30 days for your beard to respond to the new shaver and to develop your own usage patterns to get best results from a new Shaver. The Philips shaver has excellent reviews globally, I suggest you just hang in there for a while

    • It took 2 weeks to finally get a close shave, the first few always left neck hair behind but not anymore

  5. I have never understood this 30-day break-in period.
    Form my experience it simply does not matter how long you use a shaver, if it doesn’t feel right the first week or the first day, it will not feel right after 30 days. This has been my personal experience.

  6. I bought the series 3 based on all the positive reviews and worked fine for 2 weeks and then it just floated over my 3 day beard taking around 25 minutes for a shave that still needed following with a blade. On this basis how can you ever tell what will work for you

    • Hi Ellis Obviously the 3 Series is one of Braun’s cheaper Shavers, but the Company enjoys a superb reputation across its Range. I suggest you contact Braun, I am sure they will be able to sort this out for you.

    • I have the same problem with my Braun Cool Tech CT2 (my first electric shaver)… shave forever and it never gets good. I have had it for about 3 month now. Today I did a ‘quick’ shave and when I looked in the mirror at work it had missed several ‘long’ hairs (2-3 days long). Im very disapointet and came here to find something good… That 2# Philips look promising.

  7. Would the braun 7 790cc also be fine shaving arm/leg hair?

    • Any electric shaver used for that purpose would require that the area be shaved with a Blade first, (to avoid pain from pulling of longer hair) and the Shaver used thereafter for maintenance. The Skull Shaver referred to in “Our Best Head Shaver” article may be a better choice as it’s grip suits body shaving better.

  8. Although it wasn’t on the list of top ten I have the Wahl 5 start shaver shaper and I give it 2 stars, it took me about 30 minutes to shave and it had an 80% accuracy. I think anything liner then an 1/8 of an inch it won’t cut it. And our goes for $50, my wife for it for me I feel so bad because I don’t want to break her heart, so I tell her is great, but it isn’t

    • Perhaps wait a while then Buy our #1 Top ranked Shaver.

      • Does Remington still make shavers? I heard back in the day, they used to have the CEO advertise on TV something like “closest to a razor, or your money back”.

        • They certainly do

        • I just bought a Remington f4 and it is totally worthless.

          • I would only consider an inexpensive shaver like that as an occasional travel companion.Shame you didn’t read our Top 10 Shaver review first.

  9. I have been using my Braun mains razor every day for over 35 years, and its still running like a swiss watch, only problem, no foils, or cutters available.
    Don’t want to buy Philips, but at least spares don’t seem to be a problem, even if they are ripping off the customer with their prices.

  10. Is there a significant qualitative difference between the Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Electric Shaver with Cleaning Center and the Philips Norelco PT730/41 Shaver 3500 to justify paying $190.00 for the Braun and $50.00 for the Philips Norelco?

    Thank you

    • We believe the Braun Series 7 is the best around, (at least until the Series 9 is available), but at the current special prices available,the
      Philips Norelco PT730/41 certainly represents great value.

  11. Can you just wash the shaver head with water (#1 – Braun series 7)

    • Hi Manny
      The shaver is billed as 100% waterproof, so it can be rinsed, but I am not sure why you would want too when it comes
      with the worlds best cleaning/charging System, which keeps it Hygienic and prolongs the shaver’s life.

  12. what about Remington f5800?..its rated a great budget shaver…thoughts?

    • Certainly a budget Shaver Jon, but gets very good user reviews. We will add a review to our site shortly

  13. how about a n electric shaver that will tackle heavy thick white beards or salt and pepper beards

    • Hi Bill
      If it really is a thick beard I would try the Philips Norelco 1280X/42 SensoTouch 3D (#2 above).

  14. Used and fall in love with the Braun CoolTec men shaver system

  15. Yes I have very sensitive skin even a double edge straight razor gives me razor burn what would you suggest for some one with a horrible sensitive skin problem

  16. Hi

    I get a rash/grow-in hairs from shaving, whether I do it with a manual/blade shaver or an electric shaver. Therefore I only “shaved” with the flick-up trimmer of an electric Philips Shaver for the past 10 years. Will a foil type shaver prevent this from happening? I am not bothered by the smoothness of the shave as much as I am by not getting a rash/grow-in hairs all the time.

  17. My son is non-verbal, autistic and has reached that age where he needs to start shaving. Since sensory issues are going to make it difficult to get him to try a razor, does anybody have a suggestion for an electric that is quiet and vibrates as little as possible?

    • A rotary Shaver is going to give you less vibration than a foil. I would try one of the Philips Norelco shavers.

  18. I have been using electric shavers for about 20 years now. It started with a Panasonic shaver my father was using with some success. He was a 2x a day blade shaver and obsessed with being well groomed! So I thought I would try one also. There is break in period for the user and their facial hair. You will establish a technique which best works for you. Just stick it out.

    I have since had 2 Brauns, 5 and 7 series. I currently have the 760 which I have had for about ~6-8 years. The 7 series is the best shave I have had with an electric shaver. Its comfortable, smooth and without irritation.

    I am now looking to try another shaver and have always wanted to try the new Philips units. I did try one of these before my first Braun 5 unit, however, returned it after the 30 day trial offer.

    Some complain about purchase and running costs. A good quality shaver will last 5-10 years easily. While running one of these with replacement heads and cleaning products, it is still much cheaper than replacement blade and cream shaving. You could change you electric shaver every 5-8 years and still save money compared to good quality replacement blades.

    Thanks for the review page and feedback.

  19. I have two problems with electric razors. The main problem, is that I have trouble getting a close enough shave on my neck. The other, is that I have sensitive skin. Of course, one of the problems with not getting a close shave, is that I keep going over the same area, which makes this problem worse.

    Based on your reviews, it seems that the Philips Norelco 9700 would be the best for me. Is that true?

    • If Sensitivity is the issue you might try the Braun CoolTec too

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